Liquid Learning Data Science Summit

Sydney | April 30th - May 3rd

We have reached a critical mass with data, where information is coming from seemingly endless sources and in a variety of forms. Your  ability to master the complexity, accuracy and scope of information will determine the potential of your organisation’s data function in this pivotal environment.

The challenges of data science may appear unconquerable, but the opportunities you have to unlock value and boost the bottom-line are unparalleled. With the right skills, strategy and support, you’ll be able to optimise your data streams and delve deep to uncover estimable insights.

Hear from a cross-section of private enterprise organisations, universities and government agencies who will forecast trends and explore the essential skills needed to ignite the tremendous value of data science within your organisation.

- Demonstrate the value of data science to key stakeholders
- Establish and optimise your data business strategy
- Improve individual, team and organisational efficiency
- Master the art of data communication & storytelling

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