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The Top 25 Analytics Leader nomination questions

  1. How have you ensured the analytics function aligns to organisation’s strategy?
  2. Detail how you’ve ensured that analytics helps to drive the organisation forward in terms of cost efficiencies or revenue maximisation.
  3. Outline how you have influenced management and the organisation to use analytics-driven insights for decision-making
  4. Tell us how you have helped lead and /or support the analytics community internally and externally.
  5. Detail how you have assisted and mentored early-career analytics professionals to fulfil their potential. How are you helping them build the skills they need?
  6. Provide an example of how you’ve driven improvement in the analytics function.
  7. Provide an example where you’ve improved organisational governance and standards.
  8. Please provide a reference from both a:
    1. C-suite / management person that relates to your leadership of analytics’ impact on the organisation
    2. member of your analytics team that relates you mentoring & encouragement of team


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Nominations close 27 May 2019 (midnight).


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